Performing Arts Company

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Ages 2 1/2 -4

Our Rhythm and Rhyme program is designed to introduce young dancers to dance, while focusing on Movement, Creativity, and Musicality. We teach Stage Presence and Performance, using Ballet and Tap dance skills.  KK’s Dance Company promises to teach proper classroom behavior, independence, coordination, and listening skills as well as develop a love for dance. 

30 mins, Once a week  *Time may varies depending on class* 


Ages 4 1/2 -6

Our Dancin' Dolls Program are combo classes of Ballet, Tap, and Beginner Tumbling/Acro. These classes receive instruction of the fundamental basics in dance training.We focus on building strength and body awareness, as well as confidence and Stage Presence. While learning proper technique, combo students develop new skills and begin to recognize their individual potential in the styles of Ballet, Tap and Tumbling.  

1 hour, Once a week 


Ages 7-11

Our Spotlight Dancers have the option to explore and train in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and/or Hip Hop. This program is designed to prepare students for upper level classes. Along with all of our classes, we focus on teaching confidence and Stage Presence. At this age, we also focus on teaching compassion, team work, and integrity with the fundamentals of dance. 

1-2 hours, Once a week *Time may vary depending on classes taken*


Ages 12-18 *No beginners dancers may be enrolled in Lyrical or Tap*

Our Advanced Program focuses on furthering our girls' dance training in skills that would be needed to pursue a career in Dance or Musical Theatre. Dancers will learn skills and techniques in Tap, Lyrical, and Hip Hop. Like our other classes, we focus on confidence and Stage presence, Team work, integrity, and Musicality, with the fundamentals of dance. 

1-2 hours, Once or Twice a week *Time may vary depending on classes taken*


Ages 6-18

 KK's Dance Company stands out from other local studios with this Musical Theatre class, where students learn all about Stage Presence, Performance Techniques, and what it takes to put on a Show. Learning Musicality and Expression, students will thrive on Stage by using their vocal talents and body awareness. They will learn Acting techniques, as well as "behind-the-scenes" work that one would see on Broadway. This class partakes in quite a few performances throughout the year, including our end-of-the-year "Rhythm and Rhyme" Show! If you have a future Thespian, this class is for them! 

30 mins, Once a week 

ACRO DANCE (Acrobatics for Dance): 

Ages 4-10

What is Acro? Acrobatics focuses on the strengthening and flexibility of the upper back and shoulders!  Like tumbling/gymnastics, dancers will learn tricks/flips. Acro is needed for TOP dancers, cheerleaders/drill team, etc! By taking Acro classes, Dancers are more aware of their body’s movements, making them more confident and stronger dancers! We here at the KKDC Studio highly recommend this class!  

1 hour, Once a week